Because We Give a Farm

Fundraising to donate farms to communities in need

We realize that even though Tower Gardens are one of the most affordable and accessible hydroponic growing system available today, not every school or every community organization can afford to purchase a Tower Garden or Farm. That is why we started Because We Give a Farm.

Because We Give a Farm is a charity owned and operated by Green Food Solutions. We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to raise money to place vertical hydroponic Tower Farms and gardens in schools and communities in need. We give farms and gardens so that underserved communities can have access to food security, freshly grown food, the S.T.E.A.M education benefits, as well as new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Vertical farming is a business that is part of a new and emerging Urban Agricultural technology industry. This program supports introducing this new industry to underserved and underprivileged communities. The Ag Tech industry is going to make a lot of already wealthy people, even wealthier. However, it is such a new industry that there is still an opportunity for underserved people to become leaders in the future of food, sustainability, health, and entrepreneurship in urban agriculture and technology.

Because We Give A Farm:

  • Raises money to Donate the Farm or Garden and all supplies needed.
  • Works with the community or school to plan and design the location of the farm or garden.
  • Provides installation
  • Provides training to run and operate the hydroponic vertical Tower Farm equipment.
  • Provides training on how to seed, transplant and harvest as well as maintain your farm or garden.
  • Provides training in how to run the farm or garden as a business.
  • Ongoingly works with the school or community to supply all the farm or garden needs.
  • Provides food security, food justice and access to economic growth for all communities.

To raise money for your school or community farm or garden, reach out to Because We Give a Farm today!

Current Because We Give a Farm projects: