Chefs and Restaurants

3 Ways Your Restaurant Can Benefit From The Local Food Movement

The local food movement has given rise to a new breed of restaurants: those that grow their own ingredients. For chefs and restaurateurs, the Tower Farms growing system provides a bounty of fresh, high-quality ingredients that keep customers coming back for seconds.

One of the best appeals in addition to savings and profits is the pure cool factor. The technology draws a crowd, and the taste keeps them coming back. At Green Food Solutions, we are your partners in providing local, fresh, and tasty food in three unique ways.

Pure Cool Factor: Draw a Crowd

Hydroponic technology is an innovative, sexy new way of growing food in urban areas. It’s sleek and attractive. Tower Gardens are a great PR move for any restaurant to have onsite. Not every restaurant has the space to have it’s own farm or garden. We make it possible for you to still have all the cool factor as well as the freshly harvested, local food. Grow food and edible flowers as a decoration, or grow your garnish and herbs to have the systems pay for themself in no time.

Farm or Garden at Your Restaurant

Restaurants all around the country are placing farms on their rooftops and basements, growing the freshest, tastiest food for their patrons. Local food is a movement, not a trend.Vertical hydroponic gardens are a productive way to grow food for your restaurant, at your location.

You tell us how much produce you order a week, and we will tell you how many Towers meet that need. We work with you to develop a farm that fits your budget and space. We will look over your menu and suggest items that you could grow to help you save. Growing your own garnish and herbs are great ways to save money on food waste and increase profits. The Tower Gardens can grow a greater variety of food than any other hydroponic system: All leafy greens like bibb lettuce, arugula, kale, spinach, lettuce mixes, chard, and herbs, as well as vine crops like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, melons, strawberries and more. They even grow microgreens!  

The average restaurant spends between $150 and $300 per week on garnish alone. No profit is made on that. Not to mention the high cost of fresh herbs. Growing your own is an automatic savings. We can even train your staff and install the Towers for you. Click here for more details on training and installation.

An on site Tower Farm or Garden can bring a restaurant additional streams of income, from farm tours, events and even weddings.

We Farm For You

Prefer to have a professional farmer take care of your farm or garden? You can hire us to seed, transplant, harvest, and maintain the towers for you at your restaurant location. Our team will service your farm and freshly harvest your food, based on your weekly needs. Our professional urban farmers make sure that your garden or farm is kept in tip-top condition all year long.

Don’t have space to grow your own but still want to offer Farm to Table produce options? Rent a section of our farm as a convenient alternative. We have many ways to keep your customers enjoying freshly harvested, local food. Your new farm to table menu options will be grown in one of our local urbans farms in NYC and NJ.

Local Food Producers

Start a farm for your product or have us conduct a farming trial for you to see if growing your own food for your product is more productive and efficient for your company goals. We work with food producers who sell products in Whole Foods and other healthy markets in order to cut the cost of buying fresh, specialty ingredients. Work with us to explore high quality ingredients and increase your bottom line.

To inquire about growing your own or having your Green Food Solutions local farmer grow for your restaurant, contact us.