Pickling 101


Join us for an evening of pickling green tomatoes grown at the Farm at the Denizen. Come explore one of the oldest and most healing forms of food preservation and shelf life extension while creating a thoughtful and sustainable homemade gift. We will learn how easy it is to take excess food and preserve it not just for storage, but taste. Your registration gives you access to our homegrown green tomatoes and other picking items, as well as, 3 mason jars.

We will be led by Buzzfeed and television Chef Yadi in the quick and easy steps required to curb food waste, and impress friends and family with home made goods that cost little to nothing to prepare. You will leave confident in your abilities to turn extra food into gourmet treats. You will get to take home a minimum of 3 jars of pickled goods.

Additionally, bring excess food and mason jars from your kitchen – and discover different pickling techniques, as well as, learn how you can practically pickle anything!

Green Food Solutions

Tickets Available