Vertical Tower Farming Class


Vertical Tower Farming Class

Get to know Tower Farms with expert hands on training and instruction with Approved Commercial Representatives, Green Food Solutions. This class is designed for people who are interested in starting and learning to operate a Tower Farm or Garden. This is an intensive training that will walk you through how to run a Tower Farm, from crop scheduling and plant science, sales and business planning, to labor management and efficiencies on the farm. You will get hands on training in seeding, transplanting, and harvesting, as well as a free business plan template, and course documents to help you navigate your farming and financing goals. You will be proficient in how to operate and run your farm business, from commercial to community sized farms including projects for non-profit farms. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Introduction to Green Food Solutions and Tower Farms

  • Empowering a New Local Food System
  • Intro to hydroponics/aeroponics
  • Benefits of Tower Farms
  • Case Studies of Tower Farms from around the world

Planning Your Farm and Farming Operations

  • Where you put your farm
  • What types of Tower Farm is best for you: Rooftop, Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
  • Specs, numbers to remember, urban farming and greenhouses made simple.
  • Best way to plan your farm for labor efficiency
  • Choosing your crop, what not to choose
  • Creating a Farm Map and crop schedule – systemize and optimize daily operations on your farm
  • Maintenance
  • Pest Management
  • Labor Management

Business Planning and Operations

  • Non-profit verses for profit, community farms, commercial farms, restaurants, schools
  • Capital, operation, and labor cost review
  • Walk through business plan template together based on your itemized costs
  • Marketing and Sales

Hands on Activities

  • Seeding: Preparing seedling trays, how to seed for different varieties
  • Transplanting: Techniques, clips veres net pots.
  • Harvesting: Learn the safe, clean, and efficient way to harvest different varities

Financing Options

  • Review financing options available to you
  • How to make the most out of your farm

Food Safety

  • GAP standards review

Farm Tour

  • In depth overview of the entire farming operation
  • Putting the pieces together


  • Course materials and handouts
  • Detailed walk through of farm management and hands-on experience with task on the farm
  • Classroom training
  • Farm fresh plant-based lunch and refreshments
  • Dedicated free customer service before and after starting your own Tower Farm
  • Free Planning and Design of a Tower Farm in a location of your choosing

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