Farm Service

We Are The 1st Comprehensive, All-In-One Farm Service

Our farm service includes:

Custom crop scheduling, maintenance, supply replenishment, 24-hour farm monitoring and all farm operations such as seeding, transplanting and harvesting your food. Additional services available in our farm service packages range from marketing and branding services to onsite educational events and a modern CSA program we call Farm To Locavore. We are the leaders in the industry for quality, professional Farm Service. Our farm service is provided in residential buildings, private homes (food- scapers), schools, chefs, restaurants, commercial farms, and food producers.

Green Food Solutions provides our farm service for any type of farm, hydroponic or traditional soil beds.

We grow using 100% organic growing methods and pest management. We are your source for new and progressive ways to create sustainable and visually stimulating edible landscapes using the Tower Farm technology. Our reach into the Ag-Tech community allows us to source talent that is passionate, professional and ready to grow food in various urban and suburban environments. We equip our team with all the materials and equipment required to maintain your property in exceptional form. In addition to our service team, our owner’s regularly provide quality inspections to ensure that attention to detail is consistent and we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our farm service and our urban farmers are available nationwide and in some areas in Europe.

We provide free consultations, site visits and customized proposals upon request.

Local Food Producers

Start a farm for your product or have us conduct a farming trial for you to see if growing your own food for your product is more productive and efficient for your company goals. We work with food producers who sell products in Whole Foods and other healthy markets in order to cut the cost of buying fresh, specialty ingredients. Work with us to explore high-quality ingredients and increase your bottom line.