Food Justice

Green Food Solutions is Donating Farms and Gardens to Schools and Communities for Food Justice and Food Security

Because We Give a Farm!

Help us literally give a farm or garden to a school or community in need. Because YOU Give a Farm!

Co-founder and farming director of Green Food Solutions, Electra Jarvis, committed herself to the inquiry and fulfillment of one question: How can Vertical Farming be a means for Food Justice? We believe our small urban farms throughout our cities and suburbs IS a means for Food Justice.

Why is  Food Justice Relevant?

  • Health disparities between communities of color and white communities
  • Inadequate access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods
  • Regardless of race or economic status, food justice is a lens that we frame the future of food

What is Food Justice?

The Food Justice movement envisions a food system that is inclusive, community-led and participatory, without the exploitation of people, land, or the environment. It recognizes and acts to remove the significant structural inequalities that exist within our current food and economic systems. Food Justice seeks to establish healthy, resilient communities with equitable access to nourishing and culturally appropriate food.

At Green Food Solutions our mission is to empower a new local food system, for our health and the health of the planet. One that inspires healthy living, provides environmentally sustainable solutions, food security, food justice and transparency in our cities. By building and empowering others to operate small urban farms using vertical Tower Gardens, we are able to provide fresh, locally grown food to members in the community.

From donations we receive on our individualized Go-Fund Me campaigns, we are able to raise money to place small urban farms in any neighborhood, school or community and support people growing their own. To donate, simply select the specific farm you wish to support. If you would like us to start a farm campaign for you, contact us to learn how.

We aim to bridge the overwhelming gap of inequality in our cities with healthy, local, affordable fruits, vegetables and herbs to ALL, regardless of economic circumstances.

In addition to donating farms and gardens, we also donate the surplus of our freshly harvested crops to the nearest food pantry or homeless shelter near the farms we service.  

As we grow and build our farms, we aim to provide freshly harvested, local food to shelters and pantries in every section of our great cities. We want to place our farms in every school and within blocks of every single shelter or pantry. We are committed to providing leadership through the example of our new revolutionary food system that successfully incorporates Food Justice into its vision and practice.

Help support Food Justice in NYC!

Because We Give a Farm Projects:

La Perla, Puerto Rico


Your donation can be assigned to a specific school or community location of your choice. Click Donate now for more info and to make a difference for NYC.