Planning and Design

Agrihoods are the future of urban and suburban living. Lettuce help you plan a farm or garden for your existing or future development.

Tower Farms

In our commitment to providing free resources that help empower a local food system, Green Food Solutions, in partnership with Tower Farms, offers the free planning and design of your farm or garden as well as the design for greenhouses, hoop houses and other indoor CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). By providing us with information about what you would like to grow and the dimensions of your space, we determine the right amount of Towers to fit your needs. In addition, we provide free CAD layouts, designs and quotes. Contact us so that we can further explore your project.

Interested in getting more information about our Tower Farm technology? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Soil Farms

One of the newest and most brilliant trends in suburban home-owner developments are Agrihoods. Farms and community gardens are situated right at the center of a development where residents can grow their own food, or have a local farmer grow for them. Residents will have a relationship with their food and their farmer, keeping your housing community, co-op, condo association or residential building cutting edge in a competitive real estate market.

We can plan and design small to medium sized soil gardens and farms that will be guaranteed to feed your community/development and more. To get a free quote please contact us.

Home Gardens

In addition to Farms, we offer the planning and design of home gardens too! From soil beds for your root veggies to lush greens, lettuces and vine crops are grown hydroponically. Click here to learn more about our Food Scaping Services.