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STEM learning with Classroom Gardens Expands Children’s Palettes, Vocabulary, and Minds!

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Did you know that ⅔ of kids are more likely to eat vegetables and fruits that they grew themselves? Schools gardens increase attendances rates and have proven to improve test scores. Want a year round indoor growing engagement for your classroom? Tower Gardens are the perfect tool to engage your students, with opportunities for STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Architecture, Math) and STEM education. Tower Gardens are a great teaching tool for subjects like Science, Math, Technology, Arts, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Environmental Studies, Biology and more!

Engage your class with a hands-on, project-based learning experience that can improve school attendance and student test performance

Grow for the whole school year, not just during warmer months, by adding our energy efficient LED light kit. Tower Gardens save space in your classroom with vertical growing technology. They eliminate the need for soil (no messy classrooms). With a dolly, your Tower can move from classroom to classroom. The Tower Garden growing system comes with EVERYTHING you need to start growing in an educational setting, including seeds and plant food.

Support a sustainable future. Towers recycle 100% of the nutrient-rich water, use 90% less space and increase the tastiness and quality of food grown in the classroom.

Access curriculums for FREE and for purchase. We have compiled a list of pre-made curriculums for Tower Gardens and growing in the classroom. Click here to learn more about curriculums available for free and for purchase.

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Interested in getting a Tower Farm for your school? Learn more about getting a school farm for your educational institution.

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