Join Us!
Bring the farmer's market to you! Put a farm or garden on your rooftop, your apartment, or any unused space you can imagine.

Locally Grown Produce

Our locally grown produce is nutrient dense and can be harvested in half the time as traditional organic farming, with out the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Vertical Farms and Gardens

We sell, install and maintain vertical farms and gardens using hydroponic technology. It grows without soil, requires 90% less land, and 90% less water. It is a sustainable choice that reduces our carbon footprint.

We believe local food strengthens communities by building trust in the food we eat.

Want fresh, locally-grown greens delivered to your office or apartment building?


Buy Local

We partner with like minded individuals in order to make local food available to more people.


Vertical farms and gardens in classroom settings can provide a wealth of valuable lessons including STEAM education, culinary arts, economics, and sustainability.

Grow Your Own

Are you ready to take back your health and peace of mind by having full time access to nutritious food all year round?

Urban Farms

We are available to assist you with planning, design, construction and operation of your aeroponic tower farm through our NY Urban Farms project.